Privacy Policy

Dividend Club has been online serving its Members and its Website Partners (any organization, association, and/or other entity, either having a co-branded Dividend Club website, a website powered by Dividend Club, or using a Dividend Club website - "DC Website"), since 1997.

Our policy toward the privacy of our Member's personal information has always been of paramount concern. The data you provide as part of your Personal Profile is kept highly confidential. Your personal data is only accessible by you to make changes as needed to update your file. Your personal identity, street address, email address and password are not disclosed, sold, rented or exchanged with any other person, organization, association or other entity. As a means to further protect a Member's identity, each Member is assigned a personal, non-descript Member Identification Number (MIN). The MIN is used to track all purchases and only Dividend Club can match a MIN to a Member's personal profile.

Dividend Club may share certain non-specific data exclusively with a specific Website Partner whose Members are using a DC Website. At no time shall Dividend Club share any data a Member has entered into his/her Personal Profile unless the Website Partner demonstrates it already has such data on hand, in which case such data shall only be used for matching or identification purposes. Personal purchase data shall not be disclosed or shared as part of any such data exchange with a Website Partner.

The data we require as part of your Personal Profile is used solely for the purpose of being able to contact you with special offers, other Dividend Club related news and to properly track each members' earnings. The required Personal Profile data includes contact information only. You have the option of including other information about you, your family and the products and services you like. This data is not required, but if given, is helpful to us in determining how best to serve your needs. You can provide as much, or as little as you prefer.

We do not provide our Affiliates with any personal data about our Members. The only time an Affiliate receives personal data about a Member, is when a Member provides the Affiliate with such data. This normally occurs when a purchase is made, and a Member voluntarily gives data to an Affiliate. Such data has nothing to do with the data on file with Dividend Club.

Dividend Club is not involved in any transaction between its Members and its' Affiliates. As a result, we have no control over the truth, accuracy or validity of any offer, and/or the quality, safety or legality of the products and/or services associated with an offer. We also have no control over the information gathered by Affiliates, and how such information might be used; that is governed by each Affiliates' policy on privacy.

Certain information may be collected when you register and/or visit our site, and/or when you visit Affiliate sites. Such information is gathered to help determine shopping patterns which may enable us to better serve the shopping interests of all Members, your personal shopping interests, and to track purchases which result in Dividends.

The browser you use should have a feature referred to as a "cookie". Cookies are used to store certain data, such as a "User ID", on your computer. It is supposed to "store" your email Address and Password so you do not have to re-enter them every time you visit our site. Cookies also tell our Affiliates that you are a Dividend Club Member (when you visit their site), and help to track your purchases so you can receive proper credit for your purchases and earnings through the Club. It is necessary to have your "Cookie" function enabled when using the Shoping Mall.

Based on your Personal Profile data, we may send you email communications to provide information or offers we think you will find useful. We may also send periodic emails regarding the status of your account, or other Dividend Club related news. Additionally, we may occasionally contact you for administrative purposes.

You can view and change your Personal Profile information and preferences at any time by going to the "MyAccount" page and Clicking on "make changes to Personal Profile". You can make modifications as needed. Your changes will be updated shortly after they have been submitted. Changes will only affect information stored in your Personal Profile and nowhere else.

As stated in our Terms and Conditions of Membership, while we make every effort to protect the privacy of your data, certain legal situations may arise which would compel disclosure of information to help resolve issues of legality and/or law enforcement. Use of our service conveys permission from you for us to disclose to law enforcement or other government officials, any information about you, as we in our sole discretion, deem necessary or appropriate to address or resolve such inquiries or problems.